It is the trip that we are looking forward to our husband's only hobby.

I love to travel and I definitely go on a trip once a year.

I love to travel and I definitely go on a trip once a year. Although I want to go abroad if possible, I can not afford to go abroad every year, so I am going to various places on a domestic trip. Among the impressions I have been to date, the lake Mashu of Hokkaido. It is famous for being the fog generation rate so high that it is said to be ""Lake Mashu of fog"", but the day we said is superb sunny! It is! I was able to see the wonderful cobalt blue lake surface and I was impressed by the beautiful lake that I thought that my life was tiny. My husband who was a boyfriend also said the same thing then. When we look at sunny lake Mashuu, we hear jinx that marriage and career advancement is far, but since we got married and became a couple then, we did not need such worry! Although I live in Japan, I realize that there are Japanese scenery and culture that I do not know yet when traveling in Japan. I think that knowing overseas scenery and culture is also a very good thing, it is around this time that I started wanting to know Japanese things as a Japanese first.