It is the trip that we are looking forward to our husband's only hobby.

Kyoto is the place to feel sex appeal in traveling.

Kyoto is the place to feel sex appeal in traveling. To the people living there, to the intonation of the people's dialect, to the soft things of people, to the shrines and temples that are the background of the people's living, to the scenery of Yamakawa that people visit as a place of relaxation, I feel uncomfortable I feel it. Is it the weight of history? Is it because there is a romance in history? Because the fragrance of gorgeous gorgeous Heian morning drifts away from there. This is beyond my five senses, so I have a feeling that it is not reasonable. It is not a word game, but the words that came when you visited Heian Shrine Shinen are ""to red if you cross the red"", Kiyomizudera is ""the stage of Shimizu as if it will spread or warp"" It was. I remembered a sense of loneliness at all in Jakkoin, like that letter, I was surprised at the size of the Daigoji temple because the whole mountain was in the precincts. Look at the shadow of Taiko Hideyoshi who did a cherry-blossom viewing here. It was also the first encounter with Kyoto that taught me loneliness. Foreigners are unbelievably sensitive to such Japanese originality feeling, and it is not the sensitivity to Kyoto that we would like to feel preferentially as original Japanese as a matter of fact.